Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Arrivals in the goat herd!

We have two new arrivals in the goat herd!

Buttons is a Alpine / Nubian cross doe.  She is in milk and is now giving just a little under a gallon a day!  We got her milking stanchion with her so we didn't have to build one! :)  I really love milking goats - and I love the new milk!  She had been on the standard GMO feed before we got her - and her milk was pretty bad at first -  but now that she's on our good organic feed, the milk completely changed and you can't even tell that it's not cow's milk.

Then Snowy is Hannah's very own goat - she paid for her with her own money too.  She is only 2 months old and absolutely adorable!  She is a pure bred Nigerian Dwarf doe.  She wasn't handled very much before we got her - it took two people to catch her.  But HG had tamed her up so good that you can just go up and pet her or carry her around and she's fine with it!  Hannah was out there every day, all day long for about a week after we brought them home.  Trixie is in with her to keep her company because she's still to little to be in the big goat pasture or she'll get out of the stock panels.

Hannah, Trixie and Snowy

Then we had the other 3 goats tested for CAE and they are all negative!  So we can breed them later this month!  I'll post photos of the buck when we get him.