Thursday, October 30, 2014

Amazing horse for sale!

Last Thursday Tikvah came over and helped me put this video together of Cheyenne.  I have been working with Chey for about a year and am going to move up to a unstarted 2 year old.  Chey works off of leg pressure now, you can turn, stop and back her without reins (unless she is super worked up) :).  I've been roping off her too.  She had never been roped off before and did it like a pro the first time!  You can swing up on her from the side or run and jump from the back - you can also stand on her back and swing a rope! :)  She loves to go go go!  Has a very fast walk - and is a nice solid trail horse.  Here are some photos of her!

Me and Cheyenne

Tikvah and Chey

Tikvah swinging her rope

Walks over tarps

you can put that tarp all over her with no reaction

Riding backwards! :)


Me and Chey

Playing in "To the Town of Downing"

"To the Town of Downing" is a western murder mystery.  Made by the same family who did "The Code of the Strain Express".  I am just in the town scenes again - background person.  I had a little bit more of a personal part this time though.  Like when they bring the dead man in to town I was supposed to walk by with a horrified face like I was shocked :)  In that scene I messed up a bit.  We had to do it over and over again because Luke (who was the dead man) kept moving or looking out of the coat that was around his head and making faces :) lol  And the last time they did it I forgot to go across - and then I said "Oh no!  I forgot to go!", and Josiah said "Shh! They're still filming!" - that was embarrassing!  Or in another part I was walking across the road and a horse was going to gallop by and I had to run to get out of the way.  So, it was a little more than just walking across the scene like in the last one.  Here is the trailer to the movie!!!

It almost looks like a real movie! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Ball!

Our church had a Reformation celebration - ya know to celebrate the Reformation.  Our elder's wife, Mrs. Lavaida, made an excellent dinner and dessert for everyone.  And then we had a family dance with a Square dance caller.  We had so much fun!  We did all sorts of dances including, the Virgina Reel, the Hat Dance, Square dancing, and all sorts of other interesting things.  My mom had on the wildest outfit of anybody :)

Mom and Miles

Andrew and Mom

Mom giving Dad instructions :)

Hannah and Noah

Dad, Mom, Noah, Hannah, Nick and me

Mom and Pastor's wife swinging little Sarah

The caller helping Caleb dance with the littles

Me and Michael

Dad, Lizzy and Sabrina

Andrew and Hannah

Caleb and Suzie

Nick and Hannah

Monday, October 27, 2014


You might recognize that name from the Lord of the Rings series - except this time it is the name of a goat, not a princess :) We bought another milker - she is giving about 5 cups a milking, so a half a gallon a day (yes that is home school math).  But she is quite naughty - she likes to kick the bucket while you are milking, even if she has grain.  The first time I milked her she stuck her foot in the milk and spilled a bunch in my shoe - I was really mad!  With a goat like that you learn to get fast with getting the bucket out of the range of her leg.  She is getting better about it, the last couple times we've milked she has stood there for us.

We have the buck in with all the girls except for Snowy.  He is actually getting along with Buttons now and I think he has bred her!  We are probably going to get an ultrasound for all of them in about 30 days to make sure - so we don't go through the winter wondering and hoping! :)

All the goats


Snowy and the chickens



Friday, October 10, 2014

Horse Racing!!!

My friend Tikvah challenged me to a race - and since I'm not competitive at all I jumped right for it!  There was a lot of bantering and insults back and forth before the race :)  Lots of stuff about being left behind in a cloud of dust.  Tikvah found a nice meadow up Calf Creek for the race.  And then she won of course :)  She has a racing bred Quarter Horse - and Cheyenne is an Arab / Paint cross, so it wasn't exactly very fair - but it sure was great fun!!!  Then I raced her sister, Naomi, on her Paint mare - we couldn't really tell who won, I'm pretty sure it was a tie.  Chey was catching on to the whole racing thing by that time :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Goat Breeding time

We just brought the buck over here last month - but I have been to busy to blog about him until now :)  His name is Galileo and he is just great - very well mannered and polite to the does.  We have him in with Tilly, Dottie and Trixie right now.  We were going to try to have him breed Buttons, but I'm not so sure he is tall enough.  Because he is a Nigerian Dwarf and pretty short she might have to bend down for him :)  We tried to put Buttons in with them all at first but she was keeping him away from the other does and really doesn't like him at all. Then they got in a couple of small fights - so we are going to have to just bring the full sized buck over here.  That will be interesting!

Galileo and Dottie


Galileo and Buttons surveying each other through the fence

Dottie and Tilly
Galileo makes the most interesting noises when he is around the girls.  He whines like a dog when he can see them but can't get at them.  And when he is crying for attention or something it sounds like someone is strangling him!  I wonder what our neighbors think of us with all this noise around here :) lol

Here are some pictures of Tilly - this was Dad's solution to not getting her head stuck in the fence.  She is smart enough to get it through the fence but not back out.  Dottie didn't want anything to do with her once we put it on and the buck is a little afraid of her :)

The poor thing!  She looks like a reindeer!!