Saturday, October 4, 2014

Goat Breeding time

We just brought the buck over here last month - but I have been to busy to blog about him until now :)  His name is Galileo and he is just great - very well mannered and polite to the does.  We have him in with Tilly, Dottie and Trixie right now.  We were going to try to have him breed Buttons, but I'm not so sure he is tall enough.  Because he is a Nigerian Dwarf and pretty short she might have to bend down for him :)  We tried to put Buttons in with them all at first but she was keeping him away from the other does and really doesn't like him at all. Then they got in a couple of small fights - so we are going to have to just bring the full sized buck over here.  That will be interesting!

Galileo and Dottie


Galileo and Buttons surveying each other through the fence

Dottie and Tilly
Galileo makes the most interesting noises when he is around the girls.  He whines like a dog when he can see them but can't get at them.  And when he is crying for attention or something it sounds like someone is strangling him!  I wonder what our neighbors think of us with all this noise around here :) lol

Here are some pictures of Tilly - this was Dad's solution to not getting her head stuck in the fence.  She is smart enough to get it through the fence but not back out.  Dottie didn't want anything to do with her once we put it on and the buck is a little afraid of her :)

The poor thing!  She looks like a reindeer!!

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