Thursday, October 30, 2014

Amazing horse for sale!

Last Thursday Tikvah came over and helped me put this video together of Cheyenne.  I have been working with Chey for about a year and am going to move up to a unstarted 2 year old.  Chey works off of leg pressure now, you can turn, stop and back her without reins (unless she is super worked up) :).  I've been roping off her too.  She had never been roped off before and did it like a pro the first time!  You can swing up on her from the side or run and jump from the back - you can also stand on her back and swing a rope! :)  She loves to go go go!  Has a very fast walk - and is a nice solid trail horse.  Here are some photos of her!

Me and Cheyenne

Tikvah and Chey

Tikvah swinging her rope

Walks over tarps

you can put that tarp all over her with no reaction

Riding backwards! :)


Me and Chey

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