Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Filly in Training!

I got a 2 year old filly last week!  Her name is Apache - she was only barely halter broke, and could load into the trailer when I got her.  I've had her 5 days and she has learned sending around, disengaging the hindquarters, backing, leading, moving front and hind away from pressure, hooking on, vertical and horizontal flexion, and has done most of that with the saddle too.  When I first put the saddle on her there was a little rodeo but she settled down right away.  She seems to be overall very calm and smart.  I can't wait to put the first ride on her! :)  I hope to do that this next week.

Day 5 she showed a little bracing with leading forward and would walk incredibly slow.  So, I had Mom walk about 20 feet behind with the flag and every time she'd brace Mom would lift the flag off the ground and wave it until she moved.  The next day when I was out there she was so soft with backing and leading forward, and she'd keep up with me - it was amazing!  I wanted to get that brace out of there before I rode her - so now I can move along with that!

Day 1
Palominos get lighter in the winter for some reason - she will be a darker golden color in the summer.

Day 4

Cheyenne is jealous of all the attention I've been giving Apache :)  She's not the baby anymore

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