Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Working the Horses

Mom finally got out and worked Quatahn last week!  Being an Arabian he is terrified of plastic bags for some reason - so that is what they worked on.  He actually did pretty good - after awhile he was letting her rub him all over with that scary bag :)

Look at mom's cool new chaps!  She's stylin' now!

Horse love :)

Here is her Queen of England pose :)

She's so coordinated! lol


Here I'm sacking Apache out with a synthetic saddle - she had a little set back with the whole bucking thing and didn't want the saddle on anymore.  So, I had to swing that saddle for about 2 hours before she finally let me put it on her - now she's over it, I'm back to using my own saddle! :)  I'm learning new things every day.  God is so good to me, to let me have this experience!

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