Colt Starting

I use the Vaquero style of horsemanship and try to model after some of the great trainers such as: Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, and Ty Heth.  The Vaquero / Californio style has a special significance as it was the beginning of the working cowboy that we know today.  A cowboy working cattle needs to be one with his horse, using mostly legs to communicate cues so that his hands are free to work.  It is a way of working with horses that creates “oneness” between the horse and rider, making a soft and willing horse that works with and not against you.  Training them to learn from the release, not pressure, takes feel, timing, and consistency.

Colt starting - $800 a month - that includes boarding - hay must be provided by the owner. References upon request. Colt starting is with a focus of creating a soft and willing horse. Learning to better understand the horses mind and its body. I will be fixing things up to where the horse can find the answer without fear of punishment. Teaching the horse through release from pressure, and getting the horse to trust and respect you. Your horse will be getting worked from the ground first, getting it to face up, softening, getting prepped for the saddle with flag and lasso, then will go through the process of riding and getting softness and control, and in time will be getting miles on the trail. I will only take in colts that have never been ridden.

$800 a month

You are more then welcome to set up a time to come watch your horse be worked, so that you know the method that it is being taught.  This method will get your horse started on a good foundation.


  1. That is cool! We are still training my horse! He is a gelding, and his name is Gadget!

  2. Howdy, Megan! It sounds like your a cowgirl, just like me! I train miniature ponies and sell them. It sounds like our horse training methods are almost completely alike! I train quarter horses too. I live on a big ranch called the Double L with my family. My Papa is my biggest roll model I I hold more respect for him than any other person. Do you have cattle on your ranch? I love ropin' cattle off a horse on a dead run. Hey, ya know what else we have in common? I'm a Christian too!
    I love your blog! You can visit mine. Here's the link:


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