Sunday, January 12, 2014

Goals For The New Year

So, this little Farm Girl in Montana is about to share her journey with you…  A journey our family started on some years ago – of becoming agrarian, living more full lives (maybe busier in some ways), raising our own food (mostly), taking time to love more, and slow down from the clutter of media and common life.

My goals for the New Year – some food for thought for all of us:

+ Practice thankfulness.  Take time to notice – really notice - the good in others and in situations in my life – remember that every moment is a gift and you never know how long you will have the people you love.

+ Become a better sister to my siblings – show the grace that I would like shown to me – be more encouraging and loving – take time to play and hear them - always building them up – remembering the influence I have in their lives will last forever.

+ Become a better friend – work on making others feel at ease when they are around me – focus on what others are interested in – practice turning the conversation away from ME - encouraging others to do what is right and good.

+ Focus more on what I know I need to be working on in the moment – listening, housekeeping, cooking, etc, and with a cheerful heart – not being distracted with emails or internet when family or priorities need me.

+ Work on getting better at my horse training skills – developing my skills of working with horses, developing trust and relationship, softness and sensitivity.

+ I hope to expand my small flock of sheep this year.  Raising meat sheep on pasture – Indian Seekh Kababs – yummo!  If you haven’t tried them – look back soon for a recipe :)

+ Continue to develop my breeding flock of chickens.  Work at building excellence in the flock, as well as developing relationships in the community, working with others to preserve heritage poultry breeds as well as helping folks who are just beginning the journey of raising chickens.

+ Find ways to be a blessing in the community – seeing a need and taking time to help - someone with their children when they get overwhelmed, clean someone’s house when they aren’t able to, or just listen when a friend needs me.

Lord willing I hope to be able to achieve all these goals!

Have a happy new year!

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