Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Update on Apache

I have been working the colt (Apache) from my saddle horse (Cheyenne) - working on disengaging hind, front and leading.  She's been doing great with that - Chey is even doing better than I thought with that, too.  Then today I put the saddle on Apache for the second time.  We had them in the pasture and right about the time I tightened the cinch she took off bucking - and man was there a lot of space for it, and I couldn't discipline her for it either.  She can buck hard too - then she slipped and rolled over on the saddle (I'm hoping the saddle isn't broken).  She finally stopped and I caught her and took the saddle off and took her right to the round pen.  I desensitized her to the coils, rubbed her all over with the saddle pad, put the rope around her belly where the cinch would go and then saddled her again.  She bucked once and I chased her with the rope so she stopped.  After that I drove her both directions in the round pen all three gaits - walk, trot, lope - without bucking, and got her hooked on.  Then I worked her from Cheyenne.  She didn't buck even one more time - so we will see how she starts out tomorrow :)  Lesson learned - do not saddle a colt out in a pasture :) lol

Saddling up

Desensitizing to coils

Ponying Apache

Working on leading

Working Apache from Cheyenne

"There is no mysticism, no magic, or only one method in the realm of good horsemanship.... It's knowing that everything you think you know about horses may change with the very next horse" - Author Unknown

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  1. What a great learning experience this horse training is for you! And looks like you took a mistake and turned it around nicely, finishing well. Good Job! Love the pictures too!


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