Thursday, October 30, 2014

Playing in "To the Town of Downing"

"To the Town of Downing" is a western murder mystery.  Made by the same family who did "The Code of the Strain Express".  I am just in the town scenes again - background person.  I had a little bit more of a personal part this time though.  Like when they bring the dead man in to town I was supposed to walk by with a horrified face like I was shocked :)  In that scene I messed up a bit.  We had to do it over and over again because Luke (who was the dead man) kept moving or looking out of the coat that was around his head and making faces :) lol  And the last time they did it I forgot to go across - and then I said "Oh no!  I forgot to go!", and Josiah said "Shh! They're still filming!" - that was embarrassing!  Or in another part I was walking across the road and a horse was going to gallop by and I had to run to get out of the way.  So, it was a little more than just walking across the scene like in the last one.  Here is the trailer to the movie!!!

It almost looks like a real movie! :)

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