Monday, October 27, 2014


You might recognize that name from the Lord of the Rings series - except this time it is the name of a goat, not a princess :) We bought another milker - she is giving about 5 cups a milking, so a half a gallon a day (yes that is home school math).  But she is quite naughty - she likes to kick the bucket while you are milking, even if she has grain.  The first time I milked her she stuck her foot in the milk and spilled a bunch in my shoe - I was really mad!  With a goat like that you learn to get fast with getting the bucket out of the range of her leg.  She is getting better about it, the last couple times we've milked she has stood there for us.

We have the buck in with all the girls except for Snowy.  He is actually getting along with Buttons now and I think he has bred her!  We are probably going to get an ultrasound for all of them in about 30 days to make sure - so we don't go through the winter wondering and hoping! :)

All the goats


Snowy and the chickens



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