Monday, May 11, 2015

Stuff Around The Farm

Hi y'all!  We added another goat to the flock - she's a purebred Nigerian Dwarf milk goat and she is pregnant, her name is Cassie but we have started calling her Stumpy because of her body structure :) lol  Don't know if I told you that Buttons and Eowyn are gone (they've been gone for quite awhile now).  So we have 5 adult ewes and 2 kid ewes right now.  Hannah decided to sell Snowy and get a pony - so Snowy is on craigslist now - and we now have a yearling stud pony that mom and Hannah are going to break.....he's pretty cute but quite a pill already!!!  I haven't taken many pictures of Stumpy but she is behind Hannah in this pic:

And here is a funny pic of Tilly...the escape artist!

We also just hatched 27 chicks - they are a mix of breeds for our layer flock.  And they are SO cute! :)  We've been letting our layers free range over the whole property lately now that we know Brutus won't eat them.  It is such a blessing to see them running around hunting for bugs!  Mom has been (unsuccessfully) trying to train them to stay off the porch :)

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