Saturday, March 29, 2014

Land Managment

In this case, that's just a fancy term for "we was burnin stuff".  Yesterday we burned my grand-dad's pasture next door so it can have a fresh start this summer.  Burning off bad things such as wolfs tongue and unpalatable vegetation, as well as boosting pasture productivity.  Blah, blah, blah enough about why we was doing it - we were having fun together as a family:)

We had a crew of 6 people - me, Dad, my sister and brother, grandpa and our neighbor.  We all had a great time and it feels so good to have that done!


Our neighbor brought his big Kabota tractor to make borders for the fire so that it didn't spread to somewhere we didn't want it to be.  Me and Caleb (my brother) also went ahead of the tractor picking up rocks and throwing them in the bucket - and then we used those rocks to build a dam for Caleb's muskrat pond for trapping.

Hannah having a great time!

Dad with his torch lighting fires

Caleb hiding from the camera

While Caleb was taking a break, he layed down in a big rut the tractor made and he was talking to me when he suddenly jumped up and started brushing himself off frantically!  Apparently he had layed on a fire ant hill!  Ouch! :)  Sorry, no pictures of the jumping up and down.

Nap time!
Burning the cattails

My Grandma said that you could see the smoke from the other side of the valley!

Me with Hannah riding piggy-back

It was a very satisfying day and we all slept good that night!

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