Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Bottle Baby

 A couple weeks ago we brought home a little 5 day old baby doe, named Trixie.  She is a pure bred Nigerian Dwarf goat.  We are bottle feeding her and she is doing pretty good now but at first she has no idea what the bottle was.  Now she will drink so fast that she foams at the sides of her mouth!  When she wants to eat she makes this little baa that hardly sounds like a goat but more like a chimpanzee :)

Mmmm a cardboard box!

My Little Girl

Since she is just a little baby we have had her inside in a kennel at night and in a dog playpen in the daytime.  But now she is big enough that she prefers to be outside with the other goats.  We have their yards set up right next to each other so that they can get used to her from the other side of the fence so they don't knock her around too much.  Even after that they will tell her who is boss, but at least through the fence they can get over most of that.

Looking for milk :)

We plan to breed her next year and pull the kids so that we can milk her.  Nigerian Dwarf goats are excellent for milk as they are small and easy to handle.

 I wonder what the floor tastes like......

 Sleepy Baby

Trixie taking a nap next to Dottie

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