Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Lambs!

Our Barbados ewes have started to lamb!  We had one ewe (named Gertrude) give birth on the 23rd while we were at church.  She had three ram lambs, so we will have plenty of winter meat.  This might be her last year as she is getting older - we will have to see how she is doing by breeding time.  We were suspecting that she might have triplets because she looked like a whale!  The 3 rams are all pretty big for triplets and are all very healthy.  Gertrude seems to like to have triplets a lot - she had triplet girls last year, and all those are pregnant now also.

Hungry Babies!

Puppy Pile!

 We have 6 more bred ewes and we will keep you updated on their lambing! 

Napping in the sun

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