Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chicken Butchering Day

Last Thursday we butchered our 97 freedom ranger broilers.  A bunch of our friends came to help and it was a lot of fun!  I am so glad to have those birds gone because when they get big they really stink bad.  Me, Sabrina and Grandma had the job of wrapping again.  It is a pretty fun job especially with the shrink bags we use!  It is so fast and easy!  Then we all got to have Grandma's sloppy joes for lunch!  Those are YUMMY! :)  It defiantly makes butchering funner with friends and family there to help!  It's a good feeling knowing these birds lived a good life, ate organic food and will provide our families with REAL food.

The boys catching the birds


Suzie and Hannah playing under the trampoline

Mom and Angela talking theology over their birds

Take note of Grandma's cute homemade aprons made out of tarp :)

Plucked and gutted birds dripping off, waiting to be wrapped

Wrapped and ready to be shrunk in the boiling water

Emily and Isabella

The kill station - this is a very humane way for the birds to go.  They don't flap around or get their adrenaline system kicked off, which is kinder for them and makes better meat for us.

Caleb was the kill-man most of the time - (I still don't think I could do that)

Sabrina working at the fine-tuning and wrapping station and Angela working at the gutting station

Grandma Sitko and me wrapping
These are all wrapped and shrunk and now I am putting labels on with the date and weight of the bird

My friend Rebecca working at cutting up gizzards

Caleb relaxing in his cool shades afterwards - Nick gave them to Caleb after they got a little bent up by a basketball :)
Anyways - hope y'all have a great day! :)

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