Monday, August 10, 2015


Here are some new photos of my puppy, Button.  She is a world of trouble!  But I love her to death! :)  Isn't she cute?  She already knows come, sit and down and she's only about 8 weeks old.  These are pics of her at lake como last week.  She was super hipper on the way there in the car and as soon as we got there she fell asleep (she plots these things against me! lol).


  1. That puppy is doing so good! And learning faster than any puppy I've ever seen! VERY smart...oh, and has a good trainer too:)

  2. Thanks grandma! I think it is mostly the puppy that is smart :P She's just going easy on the newbie trainer :) lol

    1. Are you feeling any better? Were you able to get some horse time today?

    2. Yeah I was able to ride Apache :)


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