Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cheyenne Sold

It's hard parting with an old friend - but it couldn't have gone better - I feel really good about her new owner - God provided (like He always does) a perfect match - and we got some new great friends out of the deal to boot!

Sunday the family came to look at Chey and the the girl (Bryla) loved her!  She does endurance racing and wanted a horse like Cheyenne to do the 100 mile race.  That is the best place for Chey that I could have asked for!  And Brlya's dad fell on love with our baby goats and bought the last two :)  Tuesday they came to go on a ride with us and take all their babies home.

Here are some pics of Chey from over the years I've had her:

Tikvah trying to jump on :P (didn't really work out so well)

Racing Naomi on Little Paint

Racing Tikvah on Canyon
 Tikvah riding her:

So on Tuesday we trailered over to the Strains and went up Jenkins from there.  Me, Bryla, Tikvah and Elisa went up Jenkins, and mom and Marlene (Bryla's mom) went along the ditch road because they didn't want to go fast :)  Apache did pretty good for not being ridden for a week :P She was a little rowdy so I took her off by herself and tried to take a "short cut", but it turns out that I don't quite know the terrain over there well enough to do that  I took way longer than the other girls to get back and mom started freaking out and sent them back up to look for me.  I was loping down the trail when I came across them - and mom was so relieved to see me - but that was exactly what Apache needed then.

Cheyenne is doing great in her new home - I feel even better about it because Bryla texts me to let me know how she's doing and says I can come ride her whenever I want! :)

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