Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ride and Showing To The Town Of Downing

Yesterday was a pretty busy day! :)  Me, mom and Tikvah went on an 8 mile ride (we were guesstimating that number - it was somewhere around 8 miles).  We went up Jenkins and cut across some property and went up to Soft Rock, then back down the road way - Soft Rock road to Summerdale and on :)  Here are some pics - the ones of my back I didn't know Tikvah was taking - I guess she was getting me back from doing that to her a few times :P

Mom on crunch

Me and Tikvah

Showing for "To The Town Of Downing"!!!
Then in the evening we went to the showing for the movie I was in - "To The Town Of Downing"
I thought we would just eat dessert and watch the movie, and visit a little - but they sprung it on me that I was going to have to go up on stage with the rest of the cast.  Luckily I didn't have to give a speech, but I didn't like it much :P  Then I had another surprise when I was already up there - they had planned to sing a song (that I didn't know), so I was up there trying to keep up but finally gave up :P I found out later that most of the people didn't know it

But the movie was amazing!!!  I laughed through almost the whole thing! :)  You can buy it HERE

Josiah Van Kirk

Left to right: Promise, Elisa, Naomi, Shanae, Hannah, and Tikvah

Tikvah and Naomi trying to hid behind their hats :P


The boys

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  1. Way cool. Someone was just telling us about trails off soft rock rd! What a long ride! Grandpa and I did a marathon one like that years ago near was great fun...and tiring!

    Will you have copies of the movie or should I buy off you email link?


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