Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Colt In For Training

The people who bought Chey were so impressed with her and Apache that they want to hire me to break their colt.  Pistol isn't even 1 year old yet - he will be at the end of April though.  He'll be gelded next month and then come over here around May.  I'll have him for a year or more - gonna do groundwork and pony him places until he's 2 then I'll start riding him.  Tikvah and Elisa have colts almost the exact same age - so when they are all 2 we're gonna do the Buck Brannaman style of the first ride up at the Sapphire arena together.  You round-pen them all with the saddles on - then the riders get on and someone round-pens the colts again with them on - that way the colts are doing something they already know how to do and have support from each other.  Will keep you posted!

Here is a pic of him when he was a tiny baby :)

And here is what he looks like now:

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