Monday, March 9, 2015

Trixie Had Her Babies!

Trixie had her kids last Friday!  Me and mom were gone, and Caleb was supposed to be watching so he could help her deliver - but he waited too long to check up on her and she had already given birth by the time he thought of it :P  They are so small even compared to how the other ones were!  There is one doe and one buck.  Trixie is such a good mama :)  We just pulled them off her this morning because someone wants to buy the buck already.  He's getting picked up tomorrow so I want him to have some idea of what the bottle is :P Here are some pics - the dark one is the girl (that I'm keeping) and the colorful one is the boy - these are when they were just born:

This is a couple days later:

Snuggling :)
Me bottle feeding the little girl

Tomorrow someone is coming to pick up my buck, mom's doe kid, and Cheyenne.  A really nice girl is getting Chey for an endurance horse, she wanted one like her to do the 100 mile race!  She really loved her and we talked her dad into getting the two goats by having him hold one and watching him fall in love :P

So they are coming in the early afternoon and we'll go on a ride so she can see how Chey does outside and then they'll take them all away....

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