Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chickens and Goats!

Last week we butchered the rest of our freedom rangers.  Hannah has started to help - she is the door manager for the chicken coop so no chickens escape!  It took us hardly any time at all now that Dad has tuned in all the equipment, he is so talented!  My jobs are usually: catching chickens during the first part of the butchering, I help Mom with the gutting, then me and grandma wrap.  The system has smoothed out so much especially with the packaging system.  We buy our bags from The Deliberate Agrarian - click HERE to purchase or read about them.  Here are some pics from the day:


Caleb was doing hurtles over the pipe the whole time


We miss your help Bianchis!!!!

Mom at her station

Grandpa was alternating between supervising and playing with the dog

And we also just got another batch of chicks!  We tried a new variety - they are still freedom rangers but Just a different color - gray (and I think they are way cuter as chicks! :) lol)

Stumpy had her kids a few days ago!!!  There are 2 girls and a boy - and they are just SOOO adorable and tiny!

They sure are little cuties!!! :)

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