Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Horses, Puppies And Stuff On The Farm

It has gotten very busy here now that spring is upon us!  I still have a little more school before I can take off for summer break.  It is taking a little longer for me because of all the horses I've had to ride and getting hay, chores, etc.  But after this I only have one more year and I'm graduated!  I hope to gradate at 17!

Well, Frankie went back home last week.  I miss him - he is a cool horse :)  We get to go up there soon to ride and mom gets to ride him though!  I asked Marlene which of their horses was "the outlaw" and she picked the big gelding that bucks and hasn't been ridden in 2 years :)  So I'll probably ride that one...

Me and Frankie up Lost Horse

I am also buying a 3 year old mustang mare!  She is completely unbroken and very smart!  I'm getting her as a project horse and I'll either sell her or Apache when she's trained.  Which ever one I keep I plan on breeding.  The mustang has better lines and breeding so she'd be a better option for that - we'll see :)

Oh!!!  And the lady I'm buying the horse from had Blue Heeler puppies for sale!  They are under a week old and I committed to one of the girls.  I am going to put a deposit down on her when we pick up the filly and get the pup when it is ready to leave her mother.

And we finally got our White Leghorn chickens!  We are keeping 3 hens and a rooster and giving away the other 5 roosters - we will now have some as day old chicks next year for sale, along with the Buckeyes.  We also have 4 mixed breed chickens.  It has taken awhile to replenish the flock after a dog came through and destroyed it.

Here are the 4 cross breeds:

It's kind of hard to get a photo of these chicks because they are quite wild!

Trixie and Tris


Stumpy's little girl!  This is the one we are keeping so we can take a vacation and not have to have someone milk for us
Oh and I just had to put these pics of Caleb on here - he is getting so big!  He's taller than me and is getting quite buffed up! lol  In these's pics he is pretending to have a hard time lifting one pound weights :) He is quite a clown sometimes!  He brings so much joy to everyone in the family!

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