Friday, April 4, 2014

Chicks and Lambs!

This morning we got in a batch of Freedom Ranger chicks - 102 altogether.  We are raising them up for meat mostly for our family and extended family.  They are a fast growing bird - they finish out at about 5 to 7lbs. - but they don't get as big and gross as the standard broilers.  They live a pretty normal life and actually walk around and play in the grass and forage:)  Yummo - meat growing - it's like watching lettuce in the garden, well maybe a little more animated!

Right now they are cute but pretty soon they will start to get stinky. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We also had another ewe give birth this morning!  Little Mamma had twins - a boy and a girl.  We were on our way to the far pasture to feed the horses when we saw them.

Little Mamma and her newborn ram
The little ewe

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