Saturday, April 26, 2014

Playing in 'The Code Of The Strain Express'

Hi y'all!  I and Caleb were privileged enough to be able to play in our friend's movie!  It is called 'The Code Of The Strain Express' and of course it is a western.  It is a sequel to 'The Riders of The Strain Express' and was awesome fun to play in.  I didn't have any talking scenes - but I am a background person.  Since this is the first movie I have ever played in I didn't want to mess up a big part too bad - so I stuck with a smaller one. :)  I am a gentlewoman in a pink dress walking around in the town scenes.  Caleb has two up close scenes - he is a cowboy - and he did really good.

This is in one of the riding scenes

This is my friend Tikvah in her bad guy outfit and me in my dress  - doesn't Tikvah look great in her costume!


This is me with my dress on
Another riding scene

This next week sometime we are going to go watch the first showing at the Strain's house and then it will be up on youtube - I'll post the link when it gets there!

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  1. Can't wait to see the movie! Love ~Mrs. Bianchi


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