Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Update on Lambing

On the 8th my ewe Moki gave birth!  We thought she had a single birth but apparently she had twins!  We saw the new little girl lamb in the morning and they were doing just fine together - and then we were gone for most of the day.  Later I was doing chores and I heard a lamb crying in the loafing shed.  Moki had had twins and completely forgotten about the little boy!  He must have been hiding behind the feeder taking a nap when we came that morning because we thought she only had the one girl!  We tried to put them together and she was willing to take him in but he didn't want anything to do with her.  So, I have another bottle baby until someone buys him as a bum ram. :)

Moki and her ewe - Cari

My little bottle baby that Caleb named "Today"
Also yesterday Poki had twin ewe lambs - we had just moved them to a different pasture and it was hard to get them back with the lambs not strong enough to travel.  But they are doing very well today and and already starting to socialize with the other lambs.

We have 3 more ewes that haven't lambed yet - one of them (Pixie) probably isn't pregnant, she is too fat to get bred. :)  So, we are expecting 2 more to have their lambs before the end of the month.

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