Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Busy Saturday

We had a super busy day on Saturday (the 19th)!  We first moved a bunch of fencing around, rode the horses a little then moved them to their next paddock.  It was the first time in that new area so they had to run around and check it out.  I love watching them run and play - they are such amazing animals!  Their big 75gal stock tank had to be moved too since the ditch isn't running yet and so that meant untangling hoses unless we wanted to haul that much water by hand.

This is Quatahn (right) and Cheyenne (left)
After that we moved a flock of layers to their summer house and mucked out the one they had just left.  Dad took all the bedding and spread it out on the field for fertilizer.

Then we took all our freedom ranger chicks (that are about 2 1/2 weeks old) and put them outside in a hoop house.  We started with 102 chicks and lost 1 so we have about 100 left - chicken math!  Just kidding, we have 101 as far as I know. :)  We had to patch a bunch of holes in the hoop house because as soon as we put them in there they started popping out the sides!  Brutus almost got one too!

We had to go to town for some ingredients for Sunday's Easter dinner and since we were there we rented some movies!  So we finished up the busy day with Mission Impossible! :)  Have a great night everyone!

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