Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Land Managment, Part 2

After our visit this week with a Pasture Management Specialist, we are implementing some great ideas.  We plan to do some rotational grazing with our animals, to tightly graze and naturally fertilize.  Today we are working on my Grand-dad's pasture again.  We got some dry grass land seed and seeded two of the pastures.  And now we get to pray for rain :)  We had a big manure pile that has been fermenting / composting over the winter under a tarp that we took out and spread over the field.  Ideas as old as time, just not as popular any more, but good things are coming back around.  Real fertilizer that came out the back of an animal.

Grandpa scooping the manure with his tractor
Daddy hooking up the manure spreader

Daddy letting it fly!

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