Friday, February 20, 2015

Apache Is Back Home!

Yishai brought Apache home sooner than planned because the Strains are getting in a bunch of horses in for training.  He came up the road and slid to a stop, dirt flying :).  I was so amazed at how far he got with that filly in that short amount of time!  I asked him if she had been ridden bareback and he said "no, but let's find out", and he swung up.  After he left I saddled her up and rode her around in the pasture then down the road - and especially her stop and backing are great!  Mom also took her new mare out for the first time with me.  Then I rode her bareback right after that and later that day - just shows how much I like her to ride several times a day! :)


Thank you to all the Strain family - y'all are so good to us!

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