Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dottie's Baby!

Dottie had her little baby a while ago.  It is a really big buck :) He has him sold already as a breeding buck.  We had been checking up on her every hour or so because we figured she was going to have her kid today.  Caleb went out there and she was fine - then the next time we went there was a little kid standing on the ice, very cold and trembling (it has been about 15 to 20 degrees all day).  He was SO chilled, mom brought him in and gave him a hot water bath, and blew him off with the hair drier next to the fireplace - after awhile he warmed back up and we put him back out with Dottie.  Oh and he has cute little waddles under his chin like his mamma! :)  He is standing now and looking for the milk - he hasn't found it yet - looking on the wrong

Ya like Caleb's minion shirt? :)

 Here's Tilly and her babies - Dottie's buck is already bigger by a lot! :)

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