Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Barn Kittens!

Last week we got some new barn kittens!  They are only 6 weeks old and SO small and adorable!  It was quite a job talking Dad into letting us get them too :)  They are doing great - eating and drinking by themselves.  Today when I went out there they both ran at me and each climbed up a leg all the way to my shoulders and then just sat there - it was so funny! :)

Tiger - this one is mine :)  She was the only one who would get in the boot

And this is mom's - here she is trying to scare a boot, after us trying to put her in it :) lol

Mom hasn't decided what to name her cat - will keep you posted

There's nothing that makes you laugh like watching baby kittens beat the snot out of each other! :) lol

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