Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Party!

Yesterday we went to our friend's house with the whole church to celebrate Independence Day!  We had dinner and then all us kids played bucket ball!  It was SO much fun!  And we all took a ton of photos - some of these my friends (Sabrina and Hallie) took - and my Mom took most of the ones of the bucket ball game for me :)  Then after that, our family and two other families went up to Florence to see the fireworks!

Emma and little Isabella

Sabrina taking pictures



Reuben coming over to scold me for taking his picture :)


Isabella getting lots of attention

Sabrina :)

Me and Logan - I didn't even know he was back there until I saw the picture!

Autumn and me


Bucket ball!!!

Mr. P was the bucket man part of the time

Me :)


Mr. H


Mrs. P

Issac spent most of the game thinking that it was tackle football

And Logan was his prime target

Issac and Logan

He's a legend in Japan


From left to right: Sabrina's cousin, me, Emilie and Sabrina waiting for the fireworks to start

Me and Sabrina

And finally the fireworks!!!

This was the grand finale

Hope y'all had a great Independence Day!!!

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