Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Trip to Lake Como with friends!

Today we went up to Lake Como with a bunch of our friends from church and around!  It was SO much fun!  But the water was pretty cold - we got used to it eventually (with the help of the boys splashing us when we didn't want them to) and swam a little and went around on our friend's blow-up boat and Caleb's makeshift raft made out of styrofoam and a board.


from left to right: Sam, Sarah, Suzie and Corine

The boys working on putting Caleb's raft together

Sabrina, me and the 3 little girls out in the boat

Left to right: Sabrina, Hannah, Sarah, Suzie and me



My beautiful mother

Suzie, Hannah and Sarah

Caleb and Nick just getting the raft out to water!

Minnows that the boys caught

Abby and Issac playing with the minnows

The biggest wave we saw the whole time :)

The little girls were trying to jump over the wave

Catching minnows

Mom and Abby

Nick and Caleb racing across the beach

Nick and Blake

Mrs. DeMyer and Sabrina

Me and Sabrina

Me, Sabrina and Mrs. DeMyer out trying to get used to the freezing water

Abby and Nick

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