Saturday, July 19, 2014

Update on Ace

We had the vet out last week to look at Ace and he looks perfectly healthy.  He does have some scars on the back of his feet that are really old.  Also, it turns out that he is 15 not 11 - the guy lied to us about his age.  But since he is still good except for that, Mom still got him.

We brought all the round-pen panels from next door where they were being used as an arena and put them up in the upper pasture so that the horses could meet each other over a sturdy fence.  Then we brought Ace home - he did wonderful with the trailer and seems very laid back (but we are used to Arabians too).  So when the horses met over the fence Ace threw Cheyenne into heat and she has been flirting with him almost the whole time!  It is really embarrassing for me to watch, but Mom and Dad were cracking up :)

Yesterday we finally put them all together and there was some bucking and kicking and we had to separate them during the night but I think they probably won't try to kill each other anymore :)

Here are some photos of them all:



Quatahn, Cheyenne and Ace
 I just noticed that Ace is a blend of both Cheyenne's and Quatahn's coloring!  That's cool :)

Mom haltering Ace

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