Friday, July 25, 2014

Huckleberry picking and making jam

Yesterday we went huckleberry picking.  It has been like 3 years since we moved here and we just finally got someone to tell us where to get huckleberries!  People are very secretive about their good picking spots!  I guess you can get $80 a gallon for the berries, and after picking them I can see why :)  It is so tedious!  But it was still a really fun outing and we plan on putting them in pies and making jam and freezing some in little bags for the winter.

Here are some pretty flowers that Mom found

The road we came up to find them

Hannah, Mom and Caleb picking berries

 I think we are going to go up again and take some friends with us - that will be a lot of fun!

 We didn't use very much at all to make jam - we can always take the bags out of the freezer to make more if we like it :)  I couldn't believe how much sugar went into the jam - but it is really tasty :)

We tried some on our toast this morning and it was awesome!!! :)

What a blessing to be able to harvest something from God's creation to feed our family!

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