Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shearing the Llama and Ram

The other day my grandparents had the shearer out to take the hot fleece off their camels (grandma calls her llamas and sheep her camels - I know it may seem a little weird but my grandma is cute).  He actually came out just to do the ram (Spike), but he figured he might as well do the llama (Piquito) while he was there.  Spike did fine but Piquito did not like it at all!  The shearer had to lean into him while he cut the fleece off so that Piquito had to use all his feet to balance so he couldn't kick the poor guy.  Because let me tell you what, he was sure trying :)

How embarrassing!

Piquito was interested at first

I can't even tell where his head is in this picture! :)

All done and getting drug back to the pasture - he is doing the splits!

Now Piquito's turn!

Not sure if all llamas can do this - but Piquito can kick in any direction 360 degrees!

Wow - look at all that hair!

He was so skinny afterwards and he looked so embarrassed, too!

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