Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Butcher Day

Last Saturday we butchered a guy's broiler chickens for him.  Since Dad has all the equipment - chicken plucker, scalder, etc. we do a lot of other people's birds for them, too.  The chicken plucker is modeled after 'The Whiz-bang Chicken Plucker' made by Herrick Kimball - who has a great blog on living simply and all sorts of other great things - you can find it by looking for "The Deliberate Agrarian" - anyway our plucker is  made out of an old drier.  The scalder is made from a washer.  My dad made all this because he is really handy and smart:)

Reuben and Caleb
Reuben was the cut-throat man part of the time
Mom, Caleb and Reuben working on gutting at the sinks
Grandpa supervising
After those stages me and grandma wrap them.  We use shrink bags that you zip tie at the top, slit a little hole in the bag and then dunk it in boiling water - it comes out perfectly wrapped, and looks very professional.

When me and grandma were setting up the wrapping area she asked for mom's "opinion" and mom said "only if I can have it back when you're done, because I use it ALL the time", and Dad said "that's for sure":)

The finished and frozen product
Butchering chickens isn't my favorite thing - but it feels good to put food in your freezer that you raised yourself.  You know that it ate good food, lived a happy life and fulfilled it's God given purpose.

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