Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our Piglets

Yesterday we got our piglets.  They are smaller than our friend's piglets and aren't quite getting along yet.  We tried to put them together today and there was a couple fights but nothing very bad - we just don't want to leave them alone yet.  We sprayed them with a water and vanilla extract mixture so that they smelled the same and that seemed to help a little bit.

Ours are Large Black crossed with Red Waddle, the black and white spotted one and the all black one - the others are our friend's.  Ours are about a month younger, plus the heritage breeds are slower growing.

It was a pretty hectic day yesterday.  We had a bunch of errands in town, then we picked up the pigs, moved electric fencing, moved the sheep and horses to different paddocks, cleaned the house back up for our company, had to go to a pet sitting job, a guy dropped off a batch of broilers that we butchered today, and then our company showed up!  I helped them get their camper organized a little bit and make beds and such.  They are such a cool family - we are going to have a fun couple weeks together!

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