Monday, May 12, 2014

The Last Of This Year's Lambs

Around the end of April, Loki (not from the movie Thor :) ) gave birth to a single ram.  This is the first single birth we had had so far - all the rest have had twins and triplets!  He was pretty small for a single birth and she didn't look at all like she was about to give birth - we were starting to doubt weather or not she was pregnant.  But he is doing great now and stays glued to him mamma's side all day.

Then Tomorrow (not as in tomorrow the day - that is the ewe's name) gave birth to another single ram lamb on May 3rd.  That is the last of the lambs we will have this year - we do have one more ewe, but she was too fat to get pregnant this year.  We will be breeding them again in the fall for more spring babies!

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