Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Moving The Loafing Shed

Last Saturday we moved our loafing shed from the chicken pasture to the horse pasture so that the horses could have some shelter from the elements.  Their pasture has no trees or anything so we wanted to give them something with shade before the heat of the summer comes in full blast - which BTW isn't very hot here compared to AZ weather.  But still hot enough to be uncomfortable with no shade all the time.

First we had to jack the barn up so that we could put some old light poles underneath to use as skids - Dad was able to get the light poles for free.

Back view

Jacking up the light pole so that we can bolt the pole to the barn

grandpa supervising

The light pole skids
Grandpa was pulling it with his little kabota tractor - which looked kind of funny, a little tractor pulling this big old ancient shed :)

But then it got stuck in the driveway

So Daddy had to use the old Ford - and even that only got it a little ways.  We got some thick plastic pipes and jacked up the barn and put the pipes underneath and used them as rollers - like the Egyptians used to.

The rollers


Going up the last little hill to the pasture Daddy had to hook his Ford to the front of grandpa's tractor and they both pulled it up the hill.  And they had to use the rollers on that hill too, or the poles would just dig into the ground.

It was a very exiting day that included Daddy and Grandpa almost being squished by the Ford that doesn't have emergency brakes.  It was pretty scary!

But overall it was a great day!  We got a lot done and the horses are enjoying having their new shelter.

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  1. Thanks! I have to move our loafing shed, this is perfect!


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