Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Piglets Visiting!

A family of 11 from church is going to be staying with us for 3 weeks.  Today they brought over their four little 4-H piglets that they just got.  There are 3 black and pink ones and 1 red and pink one - they are so cute (well, as cute as swine get).  But still, pigs are not my favorite animal - they are worth raising for the bacon, pork chops and gravy though! :)

We are also going to be getting 2 piglets for ourselves on Friday.  One is black and pink spotted and the other is all black.  We are going to be keeping them all together.  Once they all get bigger we will put them down in the draw were all the cattails are so they can root around there.  But they are too small and susceptible to predators now.  I guess pigs love to eat cattails - and we have an overabundance of them - so we will see how they like them. :)  I will post some pics of our piglets when we get them.

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